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Nuotta, 2+2 persons

The Nuotta cottage boasts an attractive location: an exceptionally gorgeous private beach where those long summer days are crowned by a beautiful sunset. Equally impressive are the stormy days when you can just marvel at the mighty forces of nature, not to mention the northern lights on clear nights. Built in the 1970s, Nuotta has seen minor changes and improvements over the years, most recently in 2000. More amenities have been added and the appearance enlivened, yet honoring the past and the original spirit. The cottage is built of round logs. It is available for up to 4 persons in May-October.

In Nuotta there is a bedroom, living room with fireplace, kitchenette, WC/shower, electric heating and lighting and drinkable tap water. Enjoy the soft heat of your own sauna out on the yard and take a refreshing dip into the lake at the cottage’s private shoreline some 30 metres away. There is also an outdoor fireplace for barbequing.

The nearest cottages to Nuotta are the Koukku and Turo cottages, both some 500 m away in different directions.


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